UNI T LM Series Laser Range Finder; LM40/LM/50/LM60/LM80/LM100/LM120/LM150Laser Distance Meters/Laser Electronic Ruler

UNI T LM Series Laser Range Finder; LM40/LM/50/LM60/LM80/LM100/LM120/LM150Laser Distance Meters/Laser Electronic Ruler
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Oписание продукта

      20M Handle laser range finder
                              LAOA OUALITY
PRODUCT PARAMETER                           LA515020
MEASURE RANGE                                      0.2-20m     
MEASURE ACCURACY                              -/+2mm
UNIT                                                                m/ft
LASER GRADE                                Class
LASER TYPE                                   630-670nm, <1mW
OUTLINE                                          100*38*24mm
BATTERY                                         AAA2*1.5v
1/MORE TIMES MEASURE             Ture
OPERATE TEMPERATURE                     0~40 degrees
STOREAGE TEMPERATURE                  -10~60 degrees
AUTO-OFF LASER                                    30
MACHINE AUTO-OFF                              180
WEIGHT                                                      0.08kg
ORIGIN                                                        SHANGHAI
               70 meters laser range finder
The standard errors of the laser range finder are all errors in the laboratory (the 

normal temperature and the measuring target are whiteboard), LAOA laser range

 finder is equipped with intelligent compensation system, To meet the actual use

 of the environment (different humidity, temperature, different measurement
 surface) under the measurement, An error of plus and minus 1.5mm is achieved

Custom lenses
Measuring millimeter quantitative
The measuring instrument makes simultaneous observation
 to ensure the measurement error in millimeters

Indoor and outdoor optical systems

Built in intelligent optical compensation system


Double bubble

Horizontal and vertical horizontal bubbles, effective

angle measuring edges

1. Opening / measuring key                                    5.Continuous measurement
2. Add and subtract Calculation                            6.Clear shutdown
3. Storage key                                                            7.Measuring basis
4.Backlight/unit switching                                      8.Function key
          Durable water splash
LAOA screen, a total of 5 layers
1. Acrylic PC material                                                     4.Stent and fixation
2.The housing acts as a fixed screen                        5.Play a protective role
3.Play a buffer
          Compact, easy to accommodate
1. Four line display                                    5. Injection case
2.Shatter resistant frame                         6. Dust-free assembly
3. One key record                                      7. Laser tube
4. One click mute                                       8. Automatic backlight screen
1. single measurement
     Single measurement icon appears on the screen,
     Pointing to where it measuring to where
     the measurement results are displayed directly in the scree.
Operational method:
After starup, press the red button to open the laser, adjust 

the angle of the machine, laser point at the target location; 

press the red button again. Start measuring and calculating 


Data, at this time need to wait for a second or so, the period 

to keep the machine stationary, no shaking.

2.Area measurement
Select icon, first measure the length, and then measure the width,
no more running around and through the two measurements will
automatically calculate the area.
3.Volumetric measurement 
 Select Icon, first measure the length, and then measure the width,
 the third measurement of height, no more running around, up and
 down, measurement by three times, will automatically calculate 
 the volume.
4. A pythagorean
Select Icon, measure the hypotenuse, and then measuring the horizontal edge,
Without close to the measuring object, through two measurement, rangefinder
automatically calculate the distance between tne last two point.
5.Two pythagorean
Select Icon, measure the hypotenuse in article first, and then measuring the middle 
horizontal line, and then measuring the diagonals, don\'t have to close to the measured
object, measured by three times, rangefinder automatically calculates the distance
between two point.
6. Establish a benchmark
Select key, by default the bottom of the machine as a benchmark, 
benchmark key keyboard can set head or tail or tail extension pole
as a benchmark.
7.Is a continuous measurement function
Select key, maximum and minimum functions---is a continuous 

measurement function, used to determine the longest and the

shortest distance of measuring points of view, for instance:

it can accurately measure the diagonals of the room. Initial

value and provide room for installation of the inclined walls.

8. Addition and subtraction functions
Select+/-key, measuring data can be added multiple time,
Long press the +/-keys, you can subtract the measurement data.
20 groups of data
Scientific experts based on tje measurement of customer habits

and found that 20 sets of data storage is just right for ease of

reference and memory.

20 groups of data are stored properly
The more data the better? 99group? NO! 20 groups data just 

right for ease of  reference and memory 99 groups of data storage,

they know you, you don\'t know them. Not only no real help, but 

confusing, can\'t tell which group is right.

Technical parameter
Measuring range                                     40m 60m 80 100m
Measurement error                                 plus-minus 1.5mm
Measurement unit                                   m/in/ft
Laser grade                                              Class 2m
Laser type                                                 635nm,<1mW
Automatic correction technique          Yes
Measurement of area and volume       Yes
Indirect Pythagorean theorem              Yes
Indirect Pythagorean theorem              Yes
Continuous measurement                    Yes
MAX/MIN Measuring key                        Yes
Four line lighting display                       Yes
Buzzer display                                         Yes
Multifunctional base                               Applicable
Levels of protection                                IP54   
Historical survey record                        20
Button type                                               International standard button plastic
Operating temperature range              0 degree +40 degree(+32F+ 10F)
Storage temperature range                  -10 degree+60(14Fto+140F)
Battery life                                                 3000 measurements can be reached
Battery selection                                     Type AAA2*1.5v       
Laser automatic closing                        30 seconds later
Automatic closing of instrument         After 3 minutes
Instrument size                                        115*52*32.5mm
Instrument weight                                   Gross weight:360G
                                                                      Net weight:133G
Beautiful Ianyards
Ultimately, in small layard also have the designer\'s elaborate, 
using the finest Tetoron material.And by the domestic good 
lanyard design manufacturer specializing in custom made,
the birth of it makes the rangefinder stylish personalized,
lanyard not only has a decorative effect, but also has certain
pracability, easy to carry, to prevent falling, it\'s easy to record.
1. Rangefinder bag                                    5. Instructions
2.Bolt driver                                               6. warranty card
3.Hand rope                                               7. ABS material                                       


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