DELIXI 380V 0.75KW/1.5KW/2.2KW/3.7KW 3 phase VFD inverter drives for motor Speed Control 50HZ 60HZ DC AC frequency converter

DELIXI 380V 0.75KW/1.5KW/2.2KW/3.7KW 3 phase VFD inverter drives for motor Speed Control 50HZ 60HZ DC AC frequency converter
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About SJZO:

  • The Frequency Inverter series products independently researched and developed by SIZO Electric co., Ltd have stable quality, flexible control, powerful functions, and excellent performance. The professional products and solutions can meet the needs of various types of machinery support, system integration and industrial applications, such as machine tools, textiles, and metallurgy. , Lifting, oil, plastic, chemical, municipal and other industries have been widely used.


About Inverter/Converter:

  • The frequency converter is an electronic device that it can change the frequency of the power supply. Its function is to change the speed of the motor by adjusting the frequency of the power supply to maximize the power saving. In the final analysis, the function of the inverter is to adjust the power of the motor and realize the variable speed operation of the motor. In addition to the benefits of power savings, the frequency converter can also reduce voltage fluctuations on the power line, as voltage drops will cause voltage-sensitive devices in the same power supply network to trip or malfunction. After the frequency converter is used, the function of the frequency converter can be gradually started at zero frequency and zero pressure, In this way, the voltage drop can be eliminated to the maximum extent, and the advantages of frequency conversion can be fully utilized.



Main Feature:

  • Output Power:5.5kw 
  • Rated Frequency :50hz/60hz
  • Output Frequency Range:0.1~600Hz
  • Input Power:Three phase 380V (Up and down 15% float)
  • Output Voltage Range:three phase 380V(Up and down 15% float)
  • 4-Digits Display & Statu Indicator Lamp:Displaying frequency, current, revolution, voltage, counter,temperature, forward or reserve running, and fault, etc.
  • Communication Control:RS-485
  • Operation Temperature:-10~40℃
  • Humidity:0-95% Relative Humidity (without dew)
  • Vibration:Below 0.5G
  • Control way: Open loop vector control(SVC)      V/F control
  • Control Mode:SPWM
  • Main function: Control and adjust the speed of the ac motor 
  • H:160*W:106*D:126.9MM
  • Weight:About 2KG
Performance And Motor Control
  • Accuracy:Digital: 0.01% (-10-40℃) ; Analog: 0.1% (25±10℃)
  • Setting Resolution:Digital: 0.01Hz; Analog: 1%o of Max. Operating Frequency
  • Output Resolution:0.01Hz
  • Keyboard Setting Method:Press directly to set
  • Analog Setting Method:External Voltage 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA,0-20mA
  • Other Functions:Frequency lower limit, starting frequency, stopping frequency,three skip frequencies can be respectively set.
  • Ramp Control:Selectable 4-speed steps ramp-up and down time (0.1-6500s).
  • V/F Curve:Set V/F curve at will
  • Torque Control:Torque increase is settable by max. 10.0%. The starting torque can reach 150% at 1.0Hz.
  • Multi-Inputs:6 multi-function input terminals for 8-speed steps control,program operation, switching of 4-speed Ramp, UP/DOWN function, counter, external emergency stop and other functions.
  • Multi-Outputs:1 multi-function output terminals for displaying of running, zero speed, counter, external abnormity, program operation and other information and warnings.
  • Other Functions:AVR (auto voltage regulation), Deceleration stop or free-stop,DC brake, auto reset and restart, frequency track, PLC control,
  • traverse function, drawing control, auto energy-savings, carrier adjustable by max. 16KHz, etc.
  • Overload Protection:Electronic relay protection motor Drive (for constant torque 150%/1 min; for the kinds of fan 120%/1min.)
  • FUSE Protection:FUSE broken, motor stops.
  • Over-voltage:DC Voltage > 400V for 220V class DC Voltage > 800V for 380V class
  • Low Voltage:DC Voltage < 130V for 220V class DC Voltage < 300V for 380V class
  • Instant Stop and Restart:Restarted by frequency track after instantaneous stop.
  • Stall Prevention:Anti-stall during Acc/Dec run
  • Output End Shorts:Electronic circuit protecting
  • Other Functions:Fin over-heat protection, restriction of reverse running, direct start after power on, fault reset, parameter lock PID,one-drive-more, etc.
Package List:
  • 1PCS 380V 3 Phase Input and 3 phase 380V output 5.5KW Frequency Inverter
  • 1PCS English Manual
  • 1PCS extension line 
  • 1PCS Panel frame




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