Hon&Guan 4''~8'' Duct Silencer Low Noise Flexible Ventilation Hose Insulated Aluminum Air Duct for Air Conditioner, Length 1.2m

Hon&Guan 4''~8'' Duct Silencer Low Noise Flexible Ventilation Hose Insulated Aluminum Air Duct for Air Conditioner, Length 1.2m
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The MOS tube is an electronic switch that controls charging and discharging, so it must be assembled.

Type   1: 300A current +MOS tube + screen

Type   2: 200A current +MOS tube + screen

Type   3:  150A current +MOS tube + screen

Type   4:  100A current +MOS tube + screen

Type   5:  70A current +MOS tube + screen

Type   6:  300A current +MOS tube without screen

Type   7:  200A current +MOS tube without screen

Type   8:150A current +MOS tube without screen

Type   9:  100A current +MOS tube without screen

Type   10:  70A current +MOS tube without screen



It does not contain power MOS tube in the option. It needs purchaser to purchase and install.

The MOS tube with the option is that we have installed the MOS tube and can get the wiring back.

All the protective boards are Bluetooth free and no need to purchase them separately.


Protective panel connection video



Small antBMSBattery pack protection board function description:

1.Protection board support8-24Series of arbitrary battery pack (lithium titanate, lithium iron, three yuan, etc.) (greater than).18v)

2.Battery unit single voltage detection, voltage detection range1-5v(below)1vAnd higher than5vCan not be detected), high precision, comprehensive error is less than5mvIt is suitable for all batteries in this voltage range, overshoot protection, and overvoltage protection voltage can be set arbitrarily in this range.

3By adopting a controlled equalization method, the equilibrium can be started when the detected pressure difference is greater than the set value.

3.Current measurement (support)300aInternal current measurement

4. high precisionThe Coulomb function is based on the time integration of the current, accurately calculating the remaining capacity of the battery, charging the electric quantity and so on.

5.Support Android mobile phone to set different battery parameters, check the voltage and current information.

6.Support screen display battery pack status, parameters, individual voltage per unit.

7.Based on the Holzer pulse detection speed of the motor, the remaining mileage can be calculated.

8.Independent6Road temperature measurement, temperature overtemperature protection value can be set.

9.Set up double independent watchdog real-time monitoring program plus two level protection, never crash!


Attention: the protection board connection is many, and sensitive and fragile, each step of the wiring is carefully checked, not so careless, each step must be well insulated to prevent any possibility of short circuit! (there are many careless customers to burn the board short). The temperature sensor must be re insulated once more and put into the battery pack!!!Otherwise, any consequences will be borne by the client himself.

The overall size of the protective plate is about 15.5cm*7cm*2.5cm

The figure above shows green, which represents a balanced electric core, which can be regarded as an equalizing lamp.


Note: the protection plate must be separated from the power board under the condition of electrification.B+perhapsB-Pull out the balance line! Otherwise, it will burn the protective plate!!!!


On starting and closing keys:

1.If the protection plate is shut down due to abnormal power failure, only short press can be activated.BMSNormal work

2.In the normal work of the guard plate, press this button5If the button is loosened for more than a second, the protection board will automatically turn off the power supply, stop work, zero power consumption and short press.

3.Protection board if the discharge tube does not open more than5In the minute time, the protection board will automatically turn off the total power supply, stop working and zero power consumption.

4.If it is because ofThe first2,3The reason is closedBMSPower supply, need to long press the power key3Second, the protection board can start the normal work.

5.If you have connected the display screen, press this button, you can switch the screen display.

6.Power button, please ensure good insulation, otherwise it may not be able to shut down automatically.BMSelectricSource.



On board Bluetooth;

1.BMSAfter normal work, Bluetooth is activated, which can be searched and connected.

Name:BMS_ANT Paired password:1234


Idea:BMSAfter the standby, the Bluetooth power will be turned off automatically. If Bluetooth is connected, it will not be closed. At this point, Bluetooth can not be connected.No current3After a minute, discharge or charge can be carried out.BMSAfter the current is detected, the standby will be automatically lifted and Bluetooth will be reopened. Please ensure that the Bluetooth signal is searchedBMSThere is no standby. If there is no search at a time, please try several times.



RV4.6EditionBMSThe Bluetooth module on the screen board has been cancelledRedress inBMSThe main board


Attention: screen power supply, please use external power as far as possible.Between 6-20v), electric car users please use the carDC converter output voltage, non electric vehicle users are best to use a single DC transformer to power the screen. If you use the 12V above the motherboard, the motherboard will be unstable.


The following is the latest screen driver: RV4.8, which is changed with respect to the previous screen driver.

1.The power supply is changed to wide voltage 24-100V, which can directly supply battery pack.

2.After the power supply is connected, the starting key can be switched on.

3.Short press the screen button to change the screen display, long press the screen button, and turn off the screen.


4.Holzer has a circular hole on the motherboard, which can weld a line to the motor Holzer line.



A good horse with a saddle, a battery pack and BMS precisely control the voltage is the king of longevity.

All wiring connections are correct, and the screen shows the voltage of the monomer correctly.

1.reachAntBMSProtective plate398879781Official group DownloadsAndroidappClient and installation

2.Search and connectBMS (Name:SPPperhapsBMS-ANT The default password:1234)

3.The default protection is three yuan core parameters, according to their own core type set parameters.

4.If less than24String, please set the actual number of batteries, the protection board can output.


The temperature sensor is yellow thin, without positive and negative pole, and is connected to the temperature sensor socket.GNDThe other foot is connected.T1,T2,T3,T4



Protection board calibration:

1.Single voltage calibration: it can be adjusted by “ the system reference voltage ” (default).3.0Right and left)0.001The amplitude of the unit is slowly increased and the value of the monomer is changed. The voltage of the monomer can be changed until it is accurate.

2.Total pressure calibration: it can be adjusted by “ the total pressure calibration parameter ” (default).3330Adjust the value of the value slowly, so that the total pressure can be changed until it is accurate.

3.Current calibration: it can be adjusted by “ the current sensor range ” slowly adjusting the magnitude of the value can change the current until accurate.


Note: &ldquo in the parameter setting; power start current ” please do not change the item, too large may cause burn and discharge MOS tube!!!


On automatic balancing function:

Automatic balance function is mainly a function set by the battery is too big, the user must be used when the battery is full, or close to full electricity. When the battery is basically full, the charger is pulled out, the &ldquo is ordered and the &rdquo is automatically balanced; at this time the protective plate will be automatically balanced until the battery pack pressure difference is less than0.001Close, or the user clicks on &ldquo again; automatically equalizing ” to close, whether the automatic balance is open or closed can switch the screen to “ the system state ” view “ balance ” state, if display “ automatically equalizing ” then automatically balancing!