2 In 1 Professional Recording Loud Singing For Smartphones Handheld For Karaoke Speaker Bluetooth Portable Wireless Microphone

2 In 1 Professional Recording Loud Singing For Smartphones Handheld For Karaoke Speaker Bluetooth Portable Wireless Microphone
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Welcome to FREEBOSS!




   FREEBOSS 1 Way 100 channel Bodypack Transmitter Wireless Microphone Camera Microphone Guitar Microphone Party Karaoke Microphone

FB-U03-2 11 Wireless Microphones

1. Key Point:

    1) UHF Band, One body-pack transmitter with 100 selectable frequencies (630-662MHz), 2 pcs AA batteries supply power

    2) Working range is over 30 meters (100 feet)

    3) Body-pack transmitter with volume knob and Guitar/MIC/LINE switch, can be connected to guitar, mp3 player, mobile, etc.

    4) Mini and portable Bodypack receiver, 2 pcs AA batteries supply power

    5) You can connect it to Guitar, Camera, Computer, Mobile, DVD, Speaker, amplifier, audio mixer, etc.

    6) Application: Performance, Party, Speech, Church, Karaoke, GYM, outdoor activities, etc.

Packing list:

FB-U03-2 50 Wireless Microphones

Working range:

FB-U03-2 17 Wireless Microphones


2.Product Description:

  • Audio Frequency:40-20KHz

  • Dynamic Range: >95dB

  • System Distortion: <0.5%

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >90dB

  • Operating Range:  >30M

  • Frequency Channels: 100 channels (0-99)

3. Transmitter:

  • Frequency Stability: <=+-0.005%

  • RF Output Power: <30mW

  • Spurious Rejection: >40dB

  • Power Supply: 2*1.5V AA battery 

  • Current Consumption:<100mA


Transmitter Function Pannel:

1) Volume Knob: clockwise---volume from 0 to 100%

2) Function Switch:

a) "Mic"-----for microphone

b) "Line"----for audio player

c) "Guitar"--for guitar

3) IR : Infrared receiver----receive the infrared frequency signal from the transmitter

4) "PWR" LED Indicator:

a) off status: Power switch is on "OFF"

b) on status: Power switch is on "SB" or "ON"

5) AA Battery:

6) 3.5mm socket:

7) Power Switch:

a) OFF status: no power ( can not work )

b) SB status:  (can not work)

i )  no signal, mute status (can not pick up the sound).

ii)  "PWR" LED light will be on.

iii) when infrared frequency, power switch must be on "SB".

c) ON status: (can work)

i ) working status

ii) "PWR" led light will be on.

FB-U03-2 32 Wireless Microphones




For Microphone----Function switch is on "Mic".


FB-U03-2 42 Wireless Microphones


For Audio Player----Funciton switch is on "Line".


FB-U03-2 43 Wireless Microphones

For Guitar----Function switch is on "Guitar".

FB-U03-2 44 Wireless Microphones








1) Headset Microphone        1  piece

2) Lavalier Microphone         1 piece

FB-U03-2 34 Wireless Microphones

Accessories----Audio cable

1) 3.5mm to  3.5 mm audio cable (over 1 meter)        2 pcs

2) 3.5mm to 6.35mm audio cable (over 1 meter)        2 pcs

FB-U03-2 35 Wireless Microphones


4. Receiver :

  • Sensitivity: <20uV

  • Audio Output Impedance: 600ohm

  • Audio Output Level: 500mV (MAX)

  • Power Supply: 2*1.5V AA battery

  • Current Consumption:<110mA

Receiver Function Pannel:

1-2: IR set button:

3. LED screen:

1) display current channel

2) if no operation, the screen will be off after some time.

4. IR transmitter: transmit the infrared frequency signal

5. RF LED Indicator:

1)   ON: 

a) transmitter frequency is same as receiver, can work.

b) transmitter power switch is "ON" status.

2) OFF:

a) transmitter frequency is not same as receiver, can not work.

b) or transmitter pwoer switch is "SB" status.

6. AA Battery:

7. 3.5mm socket:

8.   Power Switch:

1) OFF status: no power, can not work.

2)   SB status: ( can not work)

a) RF led light is ON

b) Mute status (can not pick up the sound)

3)  ON status:( can work)

a) RF led light is ON

b) working status.


FB-U03-2 22 Wireless Microphones

How to Infrared Frequency?

1. System setup
    1) Open the battery cover, and load two 1.5V AA batteries for each receiver and transmitter according to its polarity.
    2) For the switch of the transmitter and receiver, there are 3 status: "ON", "SB","OFF".
    3) Push the switch of the transmitter and receiver to "ON", the receiver "RF" light is on when it receives signal from transmitter.
    4) If the power light is dimming or the reception distance become shorten, please replace the battery.

2. How to change the channel of the receiver
    1) When the receiver switch is "on"
         A) The screen of the receiver will display the current frequency channel.
         B) After about 10 seconds, the display will be automatically turn off to conserve battery life.
         C) If the display shows "LB" and flashing, the battery is about to running out and should be replaced.
    2) To change the frequency channel,
         A) Press and hold the up arrow and down arrow buttons together for a few seconds, the display is flashing,
         B) Press the "up arrow" or "down arrow" buttons to select different frequency channel.
    Note: If you do not make any selection within about 10 seconds, the display will stop flashing and the unit will exist the current mode.

3. How to match the transmitter with the receiver using IR.
    1) Place the transmitter power switch to the middle position("SB", please make sure it is in the middle, not "ON").
    2) The receiver power switch is "ON" or "SB".
    3) The transmitter "IR" LED points to the receiver "IR" LED less than 30cm from each other.
    4) Press and hold the "up arrow" button for a few seconds, the display shows "SD", and the transmitter "PWR" LED is flashing. The transmitter had successfully linked to the receiver.
    5) Place the transmitter power switch to the "ON" position, receiver RF light will be on.


FB-U03-2 33 Wireless Microphones

5. Application:

FB-U03-2 40 Wireless Microphones


FB-U03-2 41 Wireless Microphones


6. Packing Pictures:

1)  1pc    Headset Microphone    

2)  1pc    Lapel Microphone

3)  1pc    Transmitter (body-pack)

4)  1pc    Receiver (body-pack)                     

5)  2pcs  3.5mm to 3.5mm cabel 

6)  2pcs  3.5mm to 6.35mm cabel  

7)  1pc    Owner\'s manual  

8)  4pcs    1.5V Battery      (Pls note: Due to transportation reasons, the battery is not issued with the goods, please purchase by yourself, tks!)

FB-U03-2 18 Wireless Microphones