Three phase solid state relay 60A DC to AC non contact contactor relay 380V

Three phase solid state relay 60A DC to AC non contact contactor relay 380V
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Brand:TGATL ASPOWER                      model: AS2-122-R

Power (KW): 2.2                                     Horsepower (HP): 3

Capacity (KVA): 4.2                                       output current (A): 10





Adlee inverter advantages

Our converter is 220V 220V single-phase input three-phase output,
can be used in 3-phase 220V or 380V motors, motor of 380V Delta connection is needed!
 This Torqe is the same strong, you open the motor cover, motor with 6 wire leads can use the Delta connection!

Can also be used for the majority of single-phase induction motor, need to remove capacity,
the use of specific methods, please contact customer service or owner
The converter warranty 1.5 years,
 specific articles, please see the instructions at the bottom of the description
3.1, cutting-edge technology,
 and a static noise
Adlee inverter using hardware/software of improved performance.
Show still works perfect performance.

3.2, using intelligent module
Adlee transducer across the IGBT,
synchronized with the Japanese product meets UL specifications of intelligent modules (IPM module).
 Improve efficiency, high output,
low heat, auto-protection and stable quality.
3.3, extended frequency range

Adlee drive inverter frequency increases at high and low speeds than from 0.5HZ-400HZ.
 performance and smooth s-curve ACC/DEC.
3.4, enhanced v/f characteristic

Adlee frequency converter with a fixed torque curve
(F1) to reduce torque curve
(F2) and (F3) for FAN/PUMP-drive special,
saves energy and regulation works and broad basic voltage setting from 30HZ-400HZ,
 double v/f curve.

3.5, strengthening the function of human-machine interface


Adlee converters built a variety of digital/analog input functions to meet the needs of a wide,
user-friendly easy installation easy.

3.6, small size, easy to install

Adlee Inverter compact lightweight design,
 making it easier for assembling and installation space limit problem can be solved.

3.7, an external brake resistor
Adlee inverter contains brake circuit,
with brake resistor terminals. It can increase in the high frequency start/stop or high speed/low speed use conditions of reliability.

3.8, cycle timing functions
adlee inverters can be added for special purposes cycle timing functions,
not only to save costs, without increasing the PLC to perform the timing control, and easy to use.
Adlee converter main features

4.1, ultra small form factor design.

4.2, includes control panel, easy parameter setting.

4.3, the whole line containing brake circuit with brake resistor terminals.

4.4, locked safely.

4.5, 8 preset speeds devices.

4.6, the carrier frequency can be adjusted.

4.7, v/f curve can be adjusted.

4.8, 3 jump frequency setting.

4.9, LED display.

4.10, regenerated voltage brake

4.11 0~5V,0~10V,4~20mA, external speed input signals.

4.12, earth leakage protection.

4.13-special functions of acceleration/deceleration, s curve.

4.14, 2-stage acceleration/deceleration function.

4.15, frequency arrival signal output.

4.16, low noise design.

4.17, RS485 communication interface.
Deli love inverter solutions

5.1, speed over current solutions

5.1.1, extension of accelerated time;

5.1.2, adjust the v/f curve;

5.1.3 and re-enter the motor parameters and parameter determination;

5.1.4, set the test speed and then start function;

5.1.5, reduce the torque increase current;

5.1.6, check voltage and lower power use;

5.2, the deceleration in the current solution
Increase deceleration time;

5.3 and overvoltage solutions speed

5.3.1, check the power supply voltage;

5.3.2, reduce the level of acceleration torque settings;

5.3.3, the controlling terminal of the inverter control the starting and stopping of the inverter;

5.4 overvoltage the solution, slow running

5.4.1, prolonged deceleration time;

5.4.2, check the power supply voltage;

5.4.3, install brake unit, reselect the braking resistors, braking resistors or check rates;

5.5, normal operation over-voltage solutions

5.5.1, check the power supply voltage;

5.5.2, install brake unit, brake resistors or reselect the braking resistor;

5.6, under-voltage during operation solution

5.6.1, check the power supply voltage;

5.6.2, separate power supply;

5.7, inverter drive protection solutions

5.7.1, check wiring;

5.7.2, reduce the load;

5.7.3, check the external brake resistor is shorted;

5.8, inverter output voltage low solution

5.8.1, check the cables;

5.8.2, shorten lines, reduce the carrier frequency;
5.9, interference of frequency converter solutions

           Add a circuit to interference sources around the inverter;

5.10 and inverter overload solutions

5.10.1, reduce the load or replace the larger capacity inverter

5.10.2, extension of accelerated time;

5.10.3, reduction of torque increase voltage, v/f curve adjustment;

5.10.4, check line voltage;

5.10.5, speed tracking function is enabled;

5.11, motor overload solutions

5.11.1, reduce the load;

5.11.2, extension of accelerated time;

5.11.3, increase motor overload protection coefficient;

5.11.4, reduces lifting torque, adjust the v/f curve;

5.12, inverter overheating solutions

5.12.1, clean air, or to improve ventilation;

5.12.2, improve ventilation and reduce the carrier frequency;

5.12.3, replace the fan;
Six, Adlee love inverter application field

6.1, textile machinery

6.2 transportation machinery

6.3, winding machine

6.4, furry machinery

6.5, engraving machine

6.6, jewelry machinery

6.7, the electrical machinery

6.8, woolen machinery




Inadequate environment around installation site and installation
surface can result in damage to the inverter.
Before operating the AS series inverter, please check the following
points :
(1) Avoid high temperature, high humidity, easy-to-dew ambient environment. Don ’ t expose to dust or dirt, corrosive gas, and coolant
mist, and direct sunlight. Place the unit in a well-ventilated room.
(2) Avoid a place subjected to substantial vibration.
(3) When installing the unit within the cabinet. Please pay attention to
ventilation and limit the ambient temperature in between -10   ~
45   . (14F~ 113F).
(4) Use a nonflammable material, such a steel sheet on the wall for
installation. (The rear side will generate heat)
(5) Install the unit always vertically with a marginal spacing around.


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